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Protecting Trails

By coming together to protect trails and public land, WTA’s community of hikers has become a powerful force. Our voice is amplified by the support of our members and sweat equity of every volunteer who helps to build and maintain trails.

Together our advocacy, youth, volunteer and education programs are helping Washington hikers become the nation’s strongest voice for trails. Our community is strengthened by the idea of hikers helping hikers—from volunteers to trip reports, activists to allies—ensuring equitable access for all hikers.

Protecting Trails

Trail Maintenance

Our volunteers work year-round to keep trails open and accessible, from urban areas to remote wilderness and everything in between. Learn how we're working with land managers to create a safe and sustainable trail system, while educating a new generation of trail stewards.  



Our impact is stronger when we effectively collaborate with other user groups to advocate for trails. WTA works with a variety of coalitions to improve policy and funding decisions.



We protect trails through lobbying and grassroots advocacy on issues that impact hikers, like trail funding, limited access and wilderness protection. We work closely with policymakers and land managers to advance hiker's interests in forest planning and new recreation projects.

Success stories

Success Stories

Learn about our impact for trails statewide, and check out some of the recent victories we've had in protecting trails.