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Trail Maintenance Resources

A collection of Trail Maintenance Tool and Technique Resources available in .pdf format. Be aware that some .pdfs are large ranging from 1 to 30 MB.

Here's a handy collection of Trail Maintenance Tool and Technique documents provided by the USDA Forest Service and other federal agencies. Please note that the files are in .pdf format and some are large - up to 31 MB. 


Adobe Reader is required to view the files and can be downloaded here.


To download to your computer, right-click and choose "save as". Left-clicking may slow your computer as the file opens.

  1. An Ax to Grind - A Practical Ax Manual (18 MB)
  2. Saws that Sing: A Guide to Using Crosscut Saws (14 MB)
  3. Cross Cut Saw Training Course: Chapter 5 (1.5 MB)
  4. Crosscut Saw Manual (1 MB)
  5. Handtools for Trail Work 2005 Edition (2.5 MB)
  6. Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook 2007 Edition (31 MB)
  7. Wetland Trail Design and Construction 2007 Edition (11 MB)