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Trip Report

Pine and Cedar Lakes, Hemlock Trail & Raptor Ridge Trail — Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020

Puget Sound and Islands

Spent my birthday hiking to Pine and Cedar Lakes and on the Hemlock Trail to Raptor Ridge on Chuckanut Mountain. Generally speaking, the trails are in pretty good shape but there are some issues to report. 

Mud-there is standing water and lots of mud on both the Hemlock and Raptor Ridge trails. The trail to Pine Lake is also muddy. It's nothing that you can't get through with good waterproof boots, but I am mentioning it so you don't think you can do this hike with tennis shoes. At least not tennis shoes you want to keep. 

Trees/Blowdowns-There are several trees down around these trails. The vast majority have been cleared and are off the trail but the area around Cedar Lake got hit very hard and it hasn't been cleared yet so you may have to climb over and under trees there until these get addressed. On the trail down to Cedar Lake, there is a large tree hanging over the trail that looks like it could come down at any moment so be careful. There is also a tree down along the trail down from the Cedar Lake viewpoints. It's laying parallel to the trail but the branches have become obstacles over the trail. 

One additional issue I noticed is that the planks on the trail around Pine and Cedar Lakes are very slick when wet and cold. 

Other than these issues, this was a great 7 mile hike. There were a few other people out hiking today but I also found lots of solitude.