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Trip Report

Teneriffe Falls, Mount Teneriffe — Thursday, Mar. 31, 2022

Snoqualmie Region

Mental health day in the solitude of the mountains, waterfalls, creeks, sun sparkles and snow flurries. 8 cars in the Teneriffe parking lot at 930am. Low clouds with a hint of possible clearing later in the day. Met 4 hikers at the falls. After that, there were no tracks but my own as I ascended (very carefully), up the sleet covered trail which quickly gave way to 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches and eventually 4 or 5 inches on top of older snow.

My 3rd time up this trail and have yet to see the sun from the top. Sure enough, when I approached the summit ridge, it was a white out, with snow and fog conditions, and on top of that, the compass on my maps app ceased functioning. Feeling tired, low on snacks, and a bit concerned about the depth of snow (only in hiking shoes which were by now soaking wet), I abandoned the summit push and took a left turn, zig zagging down what I thought was the route towards Mt. Si. Encountering some fresh tracks, I thought "fantastic, I can follow these"...but wait....I would have crossed these tracks earlier if the other hiker had gone to the summit.  I suddenly realized that I had completely double backed on myself and was about to follow my own tracks back down the Kamakaze route. Definitely a very bad idea to descend this steep and slippery route.

Checking my back country map app, I realized that my compass had suddenly stopped working. Gulp. I fiddled with it for a minute and got it to work and quickly deduced the correct direction to follow the ridge, trudging through snow drifts as the sun gradually came out.

A couple of creek crossings require care, and knowledge of the route very important as a wrong turn could easily result in a night spent huddled under a tree.

See video link below. Enjoy and be safe.