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Goat Lake — Sunday, Jun. 13, 2010

North Cascades
It took four inflatable rafts, and eight back pack loads to remove a pile of trash at Goat lake. On the far side of Goat Lake where few ever venture despite the popularity of this hike there has been a pile of garbage left abandoned for years. Today a group of eight volunteers to pack it out. Useing four inflatable rafts packed in, to portage the trash accross the lake to where it could be packed out. A word of advise. Always pack a trash bag just in case. If you find a pile of grabage that is more than you can handle..take lots of picures of the trash. The photos will help in planning on how to pack it out. and of coures always...... Pack It In Pack It Out. Lots of photos here>>



Thank you for your efforts. We always try to pack out any trash we find which on average is a few items per trip. If everyone does this it makes it so much easier!

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mthoodmark on Jun 14, 2010 08:19 AM