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Franklin Falls, Franklin Falls - Winter — Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014

Snoqualmie Region
The first look at the frozen falls
A while ago, a friend of mine shared a photo of Franklin Falls that just blew my mind. It was a breathtaking black and white picture of the frozen waterfall. I’ve been to Franklin Falls a couple of times. It is a decent waterfall, but maybe not the kind to write home about IMHO. But that photo was really special, so I’ve been waiting to visit frozen Franklin Falls this winter. Last Sunday seemed like a good time to check it out. It had been cold for a while. I didn’t want a sunny weather, and it didn’t snow or rain that morning. Our SUV had no problem getting to the trailhead. In fact, snow was plowed most of the way. The trail was easy to follow and pleasant with fresh coat of snow. We had the snowshoes on at the trailhead, and we never took them off. Franklin Falls was an amazing ice spectacle. A grandiose ice pipe organ. Somehow it looks much bigger in winter. I don’t think my photos do the justice. On the way down, I took the wagon road to make it a small loop. A short, but memorable experience.
Snow-covered South Fork Snoqualmie River