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Trip Report

Squire Creek — Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

North Cascades
The scenery and solitude more than make up for the rough, rugged conditions on this trail. This was a great hike! Make sure you are prepared for minor route finding, extensive brush, failing to non-existent tread and other obstacles. What to know about this hike right now is that the blueberries just below the pass are stupendous! As you start to approach the pass, the ground is littered with overripe berries. Up a little higher, the bushes are loaded to perfection. We encountered berry-laden bear scat. At one point we heard some rustling that may have been a bear but we never set eyes on one. We got a glimpse of Three Fingers as we headed up the valley but clouds obscured the top by the time we reached the boulder fields. The rock formations on the surrounding mountainsides provided spectacular scenery even as the mountaintops remained in the clouds. The pass is a beautiful place to hang out, and we are motivated to return on a clear day... perhaps via the easier Eightmile route! Past trip reports provide a good overview of the rough conditions you will encounter. This is the driest point of the year. The gully crossings were all free of water and we barely got our feet wet through the wet, middle section of the trail. Not sure if there are any water sources left near the pass if plan to camp. We kept our eye on pink flagging through the middle of the hike. On the way back, we lost the route briefly in the deep brush between the boulder fields but regained it without too much trouble. There were 2 climbers' cars at the trailhead when we arrived but we didn't see another soul all day.