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Quillayute River Slough — Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2017

Olympic Peninsula
Rain rain/rainrainrain/rain rain rainrain rain rain rain (to the tune of "Rain Rain, Go Away"). Photo by Anna Roth.
The last day of my research trip was rewarding, but I did have to get through one last, soggy obstacle before I could enjoy my last hike on the dramatic northwest coast of Washington. I woke up in my car in the Mora campground and squished my way over to the Quillayute Slough Trail. If I hadn't had such a wet time the day before and I wasn't on such a tight schedule this morning, I probably would have enjoyed it well enough -- it would be a lovely trail if you need a morning ramble with coffee. But when you're hiking with a purpose, it's a tad monotonous. The riverside access at the end of the trail reminded me of the Julia Butler sloughs earlier in the week (only wetter). I did get a couple nice macro shots of catkins before heading back. The section heading toward the road into Mora was OK, but boring, and a couple of trees down made it more trouble than it was worth. The James Pond is an OK side trip or add-on from the parking area near the entrance, but today it was just ten more minutes in the wet.
At least the catkins are cute. Photo by Anna Roth.
Trailhead from the road. There is no parking at this one, so I'm not sure why it's here. Photo by Anna Roth.