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Colonel Bob Trail - Colonel Bob Peak — Sunday, Jul. 10, 2022

Olympic Peninsula
Colonel Bob Trail - Colonel Bob Peak by

I am training for my first ultramarathon so I figured Colobel Bob from the Colonel Bob trailhead would be a good training run. It is a very challenging hike and definitely fits the "expert" definition from the WTA. I know the skills I have and what I need so I prepared for a 5-6 hour solo run/hike, but my report does not reflect the average hiker.

Conditions: blowdowns in the first few miles of the trail but not impasable; patches of snow from Moonshine Flats on but easily crossable or avoidable with some routefinding and snow hiking experience.

Route: I did not realize the Colonel Bob trail went up and over a saddle and headed downhill a ways before meeting the Pete's Creek Trail and heading through Moonshine Flats. Definitely worth looking over the topo and a trail map before going. The snow does make it important to watch for trail signs and boot track, but most people up there were in light hikers or tennis shoes with one or two hiking poles. The snow should melt out soon if the weather is sunny, but I found it quite manageable. The trail is wicked steep so the snow will amplify the danger of fatigue and lack of routefinding skills to until it melts.

I was running large sections of trail and it took me 5 hours and 40 minutes. It's very much an all day affair and if it is hot and sunny, water management is crucial.