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Fort Worden State Park - Point Wilson — Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2023

Olympic Peninsula
On the beach at Fort Worden looking back toward Point Wilson

Took the Kitsap Fast Ferry and Kingston Express here on a rainy Seattle weekday that in Port Townsend turned out as a bright and warming winter day. Taking Jefferson Transit route 2 and getting off at the main Fort Worden stop leaves just a very short walk to reach beach hiking on either side of the Point Wilson Lighthouse. I actually hiked up into the center of the park before descending back down to the beach trail west of Point Wilson. On the way I definitively heard  woodpeckers (plural, yes) but was unable to locate and thus identify them. Far views over the Strait. A lovely fat, juvenile bald eagle relaxing on a branch not far above the beach. A little seal face poking out of the surf offshore. A few scattered visitors, many with their dogs. Maybe because it is a state park folks seem more inclined to keep their pups leashed here than they do up at North Beach County Park.

Speaking of North Beach, on a low enough tide, you can start here at Point Wilson and hike the perhaps 4 or 5 miles along the beach all the way to Point McCurdy. I arrived around the time of the lowest tide, 3.6 feet. I wouldn't want to try hiking west here on a much higher tide, personally. Like McCurdy west of here, the bluffs along the shore don't look forgiving as escape routes.

While I wasn't alone here, it quiet enough to enjoy relative peace and relaxation. The trailhead nearest the lighthouse gets sun that the bluffs block on the rest of the beach, at least in the earlier part of the day, so I took a seat on a beachbound log to soak that up a while. Also heard a raven on the walk back to the bus stop. 

Bathrooms are a short walk from the trailhead, and there's a cafe not too far from the Fort Worden bus stop that offers outdoor seating and additional restrooms. 

From the beach at Fort Worden looking west
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