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Ruby Mountain — Saturday, May. 13, 2023

North Cascades
Hiker on the summit ridge

Let me tell you, I'm head over heels for the mesmerizing views that Ruby offers - they practically slapped me in the face on this picture-perfect, bluebird day. And hey, a big shoutout to the groups who were kind enough to leave their footprints for us to follow. I mean, talk about the ultimate GPS system, am I right? I, on the other hand, decided to keep things simple with just my boots and poles. Meanwhile, some of my buddies thought they were auditioning for an action movie, swinging ice axes left and right like they were James Bond on a mountain adventure.

Now, here's the deal: the snow conditions this year are like comparing a half-finished snowman to a fully decked-out Frosty. It's patchy, folks! It starts at around 3800ft and doesn't get its act together until 4100ft. And let me warn you about those sketchy snowbridges - they're like the wobbly plank of a pirate ship. And guess what? The once snow-covered vegetation is now exposed, waving hello and laughing at your poor travel experience. So, if you're brave enough to tackle the winter route, I'd recommend sprinting there faster than an ice cream melting under a heat wave. Time is ticking, my friends!

Can I have some salt please?
The ever impressive Snowfield peak
Ross lake and Jack mountain
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