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Trip Report

Goat Lake — Wednesday, Jun. 7, 2000

North Cascades
A WTA work crew did two days of work on the Goat Lake trail on National Trails Day. We worked the first 1.5 miles of trail. I returned today to see the whole trail. The Forestry Service scraped together the money to hire a contractor last year to re-open and upgrade the old trail. This stretch of trail had been abandoned long ago in favor of the logging-road route up to the border of the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness. The new-old trail follows much of the path of the old-old trail, following closely along the shores of Elliot creek. The route is beautiful - at times coming quite close to thundering drops or calm pools in the creek. The upgraded trail has some very nice bridge-work to carry you over mud-holes and washouts. The trail is in good shape except for some brush and a few small mud-holes. After it rejoins the old-new trail (to become the current trail) there are more brushy patches and mud-holes and a few small blow down to deal with. The nettles are out so wear long pants or pick your way through the brush carefully. The trail and camping areas around the lake are all snow-free. I had the trail and the lake all to myself this day. I sat by on the shore and threw sticks in the lake. I like to watch things float. On the way out I tried to use my GPS unit to map the new trail, but with out much success. I wasn't getting very good signals in the forest valley. The plot on my GPS looked like someone had handed a chimpanzee a cup of coffee and an Etch-a-Sketch ® To find the new-old trail's trailhead look for the sign in the parking lot that says ""trail ->"". It's just about 100 feet down from the still heavily used, logging-road trailhead.