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Year Round Destinations

Whether it's a rainy winter day, a gorgeous summer morning or a crisp fall afternoon, getting outside in Washington is always a good idea (provided you're well-prepared for it, of course)!

And while not every trail in the state is great year-round, there are quite a lot that can scratch that itch you might get for a little dose of nature. It might be a short visit to an in-town park or a long walk on a low-elevation rail trail. Whatever you need, see if you can find it in our suggestions below.

Hike Like A Pro

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State Park Hikes

Explore Washington state parks in spring. Buy your Discover Pass, hop in your car (or a rental if you don't own one) and head out to visit some of Washington's more than 100 state parks.

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Dune Hikes: Beaches, Grasslands, Birds and Yurts

Washington sports some serious sand, from the White Bluffs in Central Washington to some wonderful beach hikes. Get to know an entirely different side of your great state with one of these great dune hikes, paired with camping suggestions.

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Gray Getaways: Hikes for a Rainy Day

Where to go hiking in the rain.

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16 Lighthouse Hikes You Can Enjoy All Year

Washington's coastline is home to many picturesque lighthouses that you can hike to — and sometimes even tour — at any time of the year.

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Hiking in the Islands

Hike Washington's islands to discover a wide variety of habitats with breathtaking scenery. Saltwater shoreline, tide pools, lagoons, native prairie, forest, lake shore, and mountain summits await your island adventures.

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Hike a Rail Trail

Created from former rail-lines, you can find rail trails in almost any part of Washington. Many of them are long distance, with multiple access points, allowing you to jump on and hike for as long as you like.

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Escape to Nature Close to Home

Where to find solace in natural areas, even when the snow keeps you from the wilderness.

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Hike and Camp 10 Iconic State Parks in Washington

Most state parks in Washington boast miles of trails, beautiful landscapes and great camping options including cabins and yurts. Reserve a Zipcar with a Discover Pass and discover one of these stunning state parks.

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Hikes Within 30 Minutes of Tacoma

From forested ravines, to ecological rarities, to pebble beaches, to views of the Sound — it's all within reach in Tacoma.

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Hikes Within 30 Minutes of Seattle

Seattle has some wild refuges right in the city and plenty of nearby trails that can be hiked all year round. Waterfalls, views, old-growth forests thick with ferns — they're all right here.

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Hikes Within 30 Minutes of Bellingham

From the lofty heights of the Chuckanuts to beach-combing on Padilla Bay, Bellingham is just minutes from an incredible diversity of trails.

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Hikes Within 30 Minutes of Vancouver

From stunning views and the cascading waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge to wide-open reaches of grasslands and marshes, Vancouver and Portland couldn't be more perfectly situated for reaching some incredible Washington trails in no time.

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