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Get to Know Your Gear

Good gear can enhance your hike, but more important is knowing what your gear can do and how it keeps you safe on trail. Find some tips on making your gear work best for you, gear reviews, and how to fix it and care for it to make it last. After all, once you find that perfect coat you want to keep it working as long as possible for you.

Good gear can enhance your hike, but more important is knowing what your gear can do and how it keeps you safe on trail.

From the packs on your back to the boots on your feet, WTA seeks out the very best in new, used and budget outdoor gear for hikers of all ages and abilities.

Here you'll find tips on making your gear work best for you, reviews, and how to fix and care for your gear in order to make it last. After all, once you find that perfect coat you'll want to keep it working for you as long as possible.

Hike sustainably: Use it Up and Wear it out

There's a lot of gear in circulation out there for you to snag without having to buy brand new. Especially if you're just getting started, look for a shop near you where you can borrow gear before buying. Plus, secondhand gear has major retro appeal.

If you find some gear you just gotta have, learn how to care for it so it lasts as long as possible. Fix zippers, patch tears up (bonus points for trendiness), re-waterproof your jackets and treat your boots right, and they'll last for years (and miles) of adventures.

Gear Reviews: See what WTA thinks of these boots, packs, tents and more.

Get the Most from your Gear

Spring Cleaning: How to Spark Joy With These Gear Organization Tips and Tricks

Do rainy days in winter and spring have you feeling blue? Spark joy and get ready for summer by organizing your gear closet with these tips and tricks! By Joseph Gonzalez.

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Patch Your Gear: These Affordable and DIY Repairs Bring Joy to Your Hiking Kit

Feb 08, 2023

In the darkness of winter, a patch is the cheap fix for down jackets and wool sweaters everyone needs to bring light and originality to their hiker-wear wardrobe.

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Winter Photographer: How to Adjust What You Pack

Photography equipment can be fragile and expensive. Planning for a shoot during the winter months takes careful preparation. By Zyanya Alvarez.

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Crafty: WTA Staff Creations Inspired by Time on Trail

Nov 30, 2022

Time on trail is inspirational. And for WTA staff, we're often inspired in a very tangible way. (Maybe because we build trails for a living?) We like to get our hands on things, to tinker with gear, pack our paints and experiment. As the days get shorter, and we spend a bit more time warm and cozy indoors, it seemed like a good time to share some of the beautiful things that WTA staff are making by hand.

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Better Gear, Smaller Footprint

How gear companies are using innovation to leave a lighter impact on the world. By Jessi Loerch

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Hiking Then and Now

When it comes to gear, I don’t long for yesteryear | By Craig Romano

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Multipurpose Gear: Rethink Your Backpacking Basics

Being able to find multiple purposes for single pieces of gear can be a helpful skill to have in the backcountry. And many of the things you already bring on your trips can probably be used for a couple of different things.

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How to Choose Your Traction

There are tons of different traction aids out there, and depending on the conditions you’ll be hiking in, some will be more helpful than others.

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How to Choose Footwear for Hiking

We look to shoes or boots to protect our feet. And if we don’t choose wisely, what should be a fun time can be halted by sore — or even injured — feet.

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Ask WTA: How do Sleeping Bag Ratings Work?

Nov 11, 2021

Few things are as comforting and important as a good sleeping bag when camping. But how are sleeping bags tested and what do temperature ratings really mean? Luckily Feathered Friends, a top manufacturer of down sleeping bags, is based right here in Washington, and they had some answers for us.

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Worth the Weight: WTA Staff Add to the 10 Essentials

Aug 30, 2021

The little luxuries we like to add to our backpacks.

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What to Wear on a Winter Hike

Tips for dialing in your layering system and staying warm during your cold weather outdoor adventures.

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