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12 Honorable Mentions From Our Photo Contest

Posted by Jessi Loerch at Feb 05, 2019 06:16 PM |
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Some of our favorite photos from the thousands shared with us last year.

Every year, talented photographers share their photos from all across Washington. Choosing winners for our annual photo contest is a challenging job — there are so many to choose from. So, in addition to our winners, here are 12 photos that earned an honorable mention.

Enjoy! And then get out to explore. And when you're back? We'd love to see where you've been. Share your photos in a trip report or enter our 2019 contest when it opens in August. 

goat_jason pineau.jpg
Heliotrope Ridge. Photo by Jason Pineau. 

napeequah_charles martin.jpg
Napeequa Valley, in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Photo by Charles Martin. 

tolmie_Lucky Pratama.jpg
Tolmie Peak Trail. Photo by Lucky Pratama. 

gentian_Don Jacobson.jpg
Golden Gate trail. Photo by Don Jacobson. 

girl_ashley Carmona.jpg
Cape Alava Loop. Photo by Ashley Carmona. 

beetle_Kathy Riley.jpg
Wanapum Dam area. Photo by Kathy Riley. 

bff_Kenji Adachi.jpg
Annette Lake. Photo by Kenji Adachi. 

swakane_Nicole Kristek.jpg
Swakane Canyon. Photo by Nicole Kristek. 

fawn_anita elder.jpg
Hurricane Ridge. Photo by Anita Elder. 

centenntial trail_Craig Goodwin.jpg
Centennial Trail. Photo by Craig Goodwin. 

leaves_lisa merrill.jpg
Twin Lakes and Lake Lillian Trail. Photo by Lisa Merrill. 

Carolynn Tulluck.JPG
Picture Lake. Photo by Carolynn Tulluck.