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3 Reasons Why Donors Give to Trails on GiveBIG. What's Yours?

Posted by Brynna Counts-Morgan at Apr 26, 2022 09:02 AM |

Three hikers talk about why they gave to WTA for GIveBIG last year. From our website to trail maintenance, why will you give on May 3 and 4?

Each year, WTA provides integral leadership for Washington’s outdoor recreation community by building and maintaining trails, advocating for public lands and helping hikers like you get outside. 

But WTA isn’t just a nonprofit organization. We’re a community of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to protecting Washington’s wild places. WTA’s work wouldn’t be possible without our community of generous donors. That’s why we’re excited that GiveBIG, Washington’s annual giving day, is coming up on May 3 and 4. This is WTA’s most important 48 hours of fundraising every year.

In 2021, we raised more during GiveBIG than during any other fundraising event the entire year. To help WTA do this again this year, a group of generous board members and donors have stepped up to match $75,000 of donations made during GiveBIG. When you give a gift of $50, it becomes $100. A gift of $100 turns into $200. Will you join us in this incredible opportunity to support trails by making a donation today?

We checked in with a few donors who gave to WTA for GiveBIG last year about why they took the lead and made a donation to trails. 

Access & accessibility

A photo of a hill, dotted with evergreen trees
Hurricane Hill, a wheelchair friendly trail in Olympic National Park. Photo by Anna Roth.

“Thanks for all the work you do — hoping you continue to make strides in making access to our trails more accessible to all Washingtonians.”— Sara Dickerman and Gus Shuman

Across all of our programs, we strive to create trails for everyone, forever. From advocating for better funding for land managers to repairing trails to providing free information on our website and mobile app, we hope to reduce barriers and connect hikers with trails.

In 2022, WTA added an accessibility filter to our Hiking Guide, making it easier for hikers to learn what trails may be accessible with various mobility considerations, including wheelchairs. 

Information and education for hikers

A photo of a hiker standing on a ridge that overlooks a valley.
A hiker looks out over a valley. Photo by Carl Gronquist.

"WTA is a gem! Enabling, encouraging, supporting Washingtonians to get outdoors safely and with confidence has never been more valuable than this past year. Thank you for protecting our land and trails." — Eli Pristoop

WTA works to make sure hikers have all the resources they need to have a safe and successful hike, before they even reach a trailhead. Beyond our Hiking Guide, WTA also created the informative Trail Smarts series. Washington hikers can turn to this resource to learn about anything from how to hike in rattlesnake country to how to cross rivers, creeks or streams.

Essential trail maintenance

A photo showing an overgrown trail, next to a photo of a clear trail.
WTA's Lost Trails Found Crew performed trail work at Indian Creek in summer 2021. Photo by Zachary Toliver.

"Thank you for the essential work you do! My sons used your app to plan their first independent backpacking trip last summer. Thank you for making the outdoors more accessible, especially during a year when we needed to connect to the natural world for healing and hope." — Andrea Bowers

In addition to providing information on hikes through our website and mobile app, WTA also makes backcountry adventures possible by being on the ground, maintaining these rugged trails.

In addition to WTA’s dedicated volunteers who venture into the backcountry through our backcountry response teams and volunteer vacations, WTA sent our first professional trail maintenance crew into the backcountry in 2021 to maintain trails that were overgrown and a risk to navigate. These crews restore access to the backcountry so you can safely and enjoyably discover new trails. 

What's your reason to GIVE?

This work, and so much more, are only possible because of our donors. Please be a leader for trails and make an early gift that will be matched today.