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Berries, Fall Foliage and Pink Sunsets: Trip Reporters Document Fall's Early Arrival

Posted by Keiko Betcher at Sep 11, 2017 04:11 PM |

After a long and dry summer, fall is taking no time to grace the trails. Here are a few trip reporters who recently witnessed some early signs of fall.

It’s been a gorgeous summer—the consistently sunny weather was more than us hikers could ask for. But most of us are ready for cool, crisp mornings and the smell of leaves on the ground that come in the fall—arguably the best hiking season of all.

So we’re excited to share these photos and stories from recent trip reporters who’ve captured the early signs of fall. From brilliantly-colored fungi to sweet berries, the trails of Washington are starting to unveil their autumn charms.

Berries at Gothic Basin

In Vikr’s trip report of Gothic Basin, a picture of ripe huckleberries has us all longing to get out on trail. Another trip reporter on this trail, JulesUntamed’s, wrote,“at the basin it was quite windy, chilly, and wet. Definitely felt like fall. But I was just deliriously happy to feel the sensation of cold again, after 3 months of profuse sweating.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, JulesUntamed.

HuckleberriesHandfuls of huckleberries are a special fall treat. Photo by vikr. 

Fungi on the Peninsula

Two hikers spotted bright-orange fungi on the Olympic Peninsula recently. Drew B. went to Cub Peak and Wagonwheel Lake, and found a Chicken of the Woods mushroom, while rbn also found a big fungi on a nurse log in Ericsons Bay.

Chicken of the Woods?!!!! o.OChicken of the Woods mushroom. Photo by Drew B. 

Fall Foliage in the City and in the Mountains

The North Cascades are a prime spot to see fall colors. At Lake Twentytwo - Lake 22, Woodlandrea’s trip report said,“fall foliage was well underway. That paired with a mist that was hanging around made for a lovely fall preview.”

Meanwhile, at Thornton Lakes and Trappers Peak, Norm captured this photo with rich, fall color in the foreground.

Smoke filled view to Thornton lakesFall foliage contrasts with a smokey view of Thornton Lakes in the background. Photo by Norm. 

But you don’t have to be far from the city to see the colors. Ups N Downs went to Soaring Eagle Regional Park and wrote,“the winter time may bring out more of its personality but the leaves are definitely starting to show their fall colors, we found ripe blackberries, and many a caterpillar to play with.  My worst day in the forest is better than my best day of work!”

Happy to hear that and thanks for sharing, Ups N Downs.

Shorter Days, Brighter Sunsets

Unfortunately, as summer comes to an end, so do its long, warm days. However, it’s hard to be upset about that when we’ve got vibrant, fall sunsets and sunrises to look forward to.

Putz-in-Boots shot this great photo of Mount Baker at sunrise on the Skyline Divide, and wrote, "we had dinner taking in the view and the sunset on Baker. The reds, oranges, and pinks in the sunset over Bellingham were incredible!”

sunriseAn orange sunset over Mount Baker. Photo by Putz-in-Boots.

To end, take a look at this sunset over Ancient Lakes from ciliesiu’s trip report. Keeping it simple and true, they wrote, “it was perfect.”

Sunset looking over Ancient LakesA fiery sunset is always a good end to a hike. Photo by ciliesiu.