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Change Your Perspective -- Photos Just for the Fun of It

Posted by Anna Roth at Mar 02, 2021 01:00 PM |
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Can you capture the giddy, silly feeling of hiking in a photograph? From catching a waterfall in the palm of your hand to flying over the Cascades, these photographers put the fun in our photo contest.

When it comes down to it, hiking is fun. Sometimes we're lucky enough to see the results of that giddiness in the fun, carefree photos submitted to our photo contest. We love this category of photos for their creativity and joy. (We're also deeply impressed when folks manage to achieve these photographic feats while also abiding by Leave No Trace principles!)

You can share photos like these in your trip reports, or in our Northwest Exposure Photo Contest for 2021, which opens in August  you've got plenty of time to prepare.

Cropped for effect

mount dickerma_lillian wu.jpg
Photo by Lillian Wu.

Flying towards Mount Baker from Mount Dickerman!

Near, far

forced perspective_poo poo point_chris bohner.jpg
Photo by Chris Bohner.

High five!

tolmie peak_eli dawson.jpg third beach to oil city_janine griggs.jpg
Photos by Eli Dawson and Janine Griggs

It's important to lift up your friends, on and off trail.

Horizon shift

chinook pass_rosalie beer.jpg
Photo by Rosalie Beer

Sometimes you don't need to make the forced perspective happen in real life, you can get it just by turning your camera.

Feats of strength

grove of the patriarchs_ralph radford.jpg lake serene trail_nolan cho.jpg
Photos by Ralph Radford and Nolan Cho

Here we have two demonstration of the classic holding-the-tree up gag. That tree on the right is a popular one for this photo.

enchanted valley chalet_john tomlin.jpg

Photo by John Tomlin

An oldie but a goodie. That's one way to save the Enchanted Valley Chalet.

An ethical way to connect with wildlife

glacier peak wilderness_david baxter.jpg hurricane ridge_joshua dalrymple.jpg

hoh river trail_cole morgan.jpg cedar river trail_myk olear.jpg
Photos by (clockwise) David Baxter, Joshua Dalrymple, Myk O'Leary, and Cole Morgan.

And of course the "holding or squishing someone/thing-in-your-hand" gag. We love these because you get a fun photo with wildlife (or your fellow hikers) without disturbing them!

magic & movement

lookout mountain_aaron tiger.jpg kyle stevens.jpg
Photos by Kyle Stevens and Aaron Tiger

Kids also enjoy a little on-trail magic (or just sleight of hand).

Macro landscapes

kachess beacon_lori mccormick.jpg
Photo by Lori McCormick

And lastly — if you can't travel to a beach getaway, you can make one on trail with the right materials.