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Found in Recent Trip Reports: Hikers Helping Hikers

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Oct 21, 2020 03:25 PM |
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If you keep up with trip reports, you're bound to hear plenty of inspiring stories. Hikers hitting the trail for the first time, hikers reaching a new personal milestone, hikers experiencing awe, or one our favorites — hikers helping other hikers.

If you keep up with trip reports, you're bound to hear plenty of inspiring stories. Hikers hitting the trail for the first time, hikers reaching a new personal milestone, hikers experiencing awe, or one our favorites  hikers helping other hikers.

In the last two weeks alone, we spotted these 3 trip report stories of people being awesome to each other, and we just had to share them.

"The Kindness of Strangers is Overwhelming"

We're big fans of fall hiking here at WTA, but perhaps one of this biggest downsides of the season is the lack of daylight. Night comes on quickly in the mountains, and hiking down a rooty or rocky trail via headlamp is not always ideal.

On an early October trip to Blanca Lake, trip reporter william experienced one of those short fall days and was caught out after dark on their return hike. While they were able to make it down safely, two fellow hikers made sure to have their back in case anything went wrong.

"I got started late, and it was dark coming back, but: shout out to James and Rosie! I encountered this wonderful couple, strangers to me, on the trail. When I finally got back to the car park in full darkness, they had waited for me to make sure I got back safely! (I might be slightly older and more decrepit than I would like to admit) Wow, the kindness of strangers is overwhelming!"

Scott Paul Trail. Photo by SurferDave.jpeg
The seasonal bridge near Park Butte. Photo by trip reporter SurferDave.

Helping Out in a rough patch

Whether it's maneuvering around a washout, over a blown down tree or through a chilly river crossing, let's be honest — some aspects of hiking are just not fun. And sometimes, it tough to tackle those things alone. Teaming up with fellow hikers can make those rough spots feel a bit more manageable (and maybe even enjoyable).

Trip reporter Elcee encountered this feeling firsthand when they came across the site of a seasonal bridge on the Park Butte Trail.

"Although not signed, the bridge on the Park Butte Trail is out. The downed tree crossing is do-able, but some hikers turned back and the river is changing quickly. My dog and I made it across with the help and moral support of a fellow hiker - thank you Janey!"

Eagle Lake. Photo by Anna Roth..jpeg
Shiny golden larches along the Eagle Lake trail. Photo by trip reporter nwroth.

Recreating in harmony

Trails are used and loved by a wide array of folks — hikers, bikers, equestrians, ATV riders, hunters, anglers, and more! Keeping track of who passes who and when can get a little stressful on these types of trails (not to mention the added COVID precautions), but a little communication can go a long way in creating an awesome shared experience on trail.

On a larch march to Eagle Lakes, trip reporter nwroth saw just about every type of trail user you can imagine, and it made the experience that much more memorable.

"This is a multi-user trail, (meaning motorized, bikers, horses, trail runners, hikers, all are welcome here) and I was so impressed at the communication and courtesy everyone showed us. Even if not everyone observed official trail etiquette (e.g., not everyone yielded in the prescribed way), every party that passed us was polite, and I never felt like I was in an unsafe passing situation. This was an unexpected and exciting treat."

Thanks for taking such good care of eachother out there. 🎉