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Enhance Your Hikes with 5 Hints From a (Sorta) Famous Person

Posted by Anna Roth at Nov 30, 2018 10:16 AM |

How to beat the winter blues and embrace a sense of play? Grab your sequins or a stuffed chicken, recommends guidebook author David Williams.

Here are WTA, we know that every season is hiking season. But even the hardiest of folk understand gray skies and sometimes-torrential downpours can occasionally make winter hiking feel like a slog. Local author and enthusiastic (and sometimes silly) outdoorsman David Williams, recently sent us a few tips to stay lighthearted on trail, even in the wettest weather.


Wearing sequins might JUST make you hike faster

If your closet lacks sequins, you could search for secondhand glittery gear at a local store. If you're more interested in getting moving fast than style, try your hand at trail running. We've got starter tips for you right here.

ben-luedke.jpgTrail running in the winter is a challenge, but a great way to enjoy the snow. Whenever it gets here. Photo by Ben Luedke.


Pretty socks will enhance your hiking experience

Need some new socks to better enhance your experience? If you give a gift membership this year, you'll get a pair of super-nice, cozy footbags from our partners at From the Ground Up

Look at those nice socks. They could be yours. Just give a gift membership to WTA this winter. Photo courtesy From The Ground Up.


Try a pirouette when you take the corner of a switchback

Not only will everyone in your group will be impressed, it'll help with your core strength. Need to limber up (or maybe just need an alternate to a pirouette)? Take a look at our conditioning hiking suite, complete with stretches and other exercises to keep you in peak shape this winter. 

Pirouettes are notoriously unstable. Stay more grounded by trying other dance moves -- whatever the landscape inspires. Photo by Shannon Johnson.


Say thank you to everyone who stops to let you go by when ascending

Acknowledgement can make a world of difference during a social encounter on trail. And yep, the person coming downhill is supposed to yield to the folks heading up. If that's news to you, you can learn that and more good-to-know bits of trail etiquette in our Trail Smarts series. Extra kudos if you make a point to say hi to four people you cross paths with on trail. It's remarkable how much a simple hello can mean to someone.

You can also greet stock animals (on the downhill side of the trail) you may meet on trail. Photo by Anna Roth. 


Carry a stuffed animal

They're not just for kids anymore. Stuffed animals make great hiking companions, plus, according to David, "Having one along on your hike will make you and everyone you meet happier."

More into action figures? Get a load of these trip reports written by a Dark Lord who's really into hiking. Or these fun ones written by a little Lego just trying not to get stepped on in the big world

David brings out Frank the Stuffed Chicken to enjoy the view. Photo courtesy David Williams.