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Poop Week: Best Backcountry Privies in Washington

Posted by Loren Drummond at Aug 02, 2014 12:00 AM |
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We conclude Poop Week on a high note. Literally. When nature calls, you'd be lucky to answer from any of these loos with a view. Plus, a roundup of reading, links and resources on this backcountry basic.

Welcome to the 5th and final day of Poop Week, the week where we get real about No. 2. From diapers to dogs, the conservation science of scat to the best backcountry privies in Washington, we're digging into the subject of poop on trail all week long.

We've talked etiquette and science, but we'll conclude Poop Week on a high note. Literally. When nature calls, you'd be lucky to answer from any of the destinations below.

A loo with a view: 3 super-scenic backcountry toilets

There are tons of gorgeous spots to go in Washington's backcountry, from the high reaches of Sahale Arm to Lyman Lakes in Glacier Peak Wilderness. You won't need to bring a book or magazine with you on a visit to one of these outdoor commodes.

Tip: if you run across a backcountry toilet, it's better to use it than to dig a nearby cathole. It helps reduce your impact on the fragile (and popular) surrounding areas.

The Enchantments - (Alpine Lakes)

Pooping in paradise: With a perfect view of Prusik Peak, there’s no better place to take care of business.

Enchantments Toilet in Fall
One of the enchanted toilets, this one with a view of Prusik Peak. Photo by Jeff Pang:

Hidden Lake Lookout - (North Cascades)

You’re rewarded for your efforts to reach this alpine perch with lofty views from the lookout—and the toilet.

Hidden Lake Lookout views
The toilet at Hidden Lake Lookout is situated just down from the lookout, but shares very similar views of the North Cascades. Photo by Climbear

Desolation Camp (North Cascades)

Made famous by Jack Kerouac, you can go while you gaze out onto some of the harder-to-reach spires of the North Cascades.

Desolation Camp
Desolation Camp has a backcountry toilet with some of the finest views in North Cascades. Photo by MikeOnAHike.

Bonus reading, resources, stories and links

Bummed about the conclusion of poop week? Don't be. Below is a roundup of even more articles, topics and resources to dig into:

Have a related resource you've found helpful or a question you'll hope we cover in the future? Share it with us below.