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Watch the Enchanted Valley Chalet Slide to Safety

Posted by Loren Drummond at Sep 16, 2014 05:57 PM |

Watch a time lapse video of the Enchanted Valley Chalet being moved away from the bank of the East Fork Quinault River.

The Enchanted Valley Chalet, which was in danger of collapsing into the East Fork of the Quinault River in Olympic National Park, has been moved 100 feet from river. The move is a temporary measure to protect both the historic structure and the river.

The hiking restrictions that had been in place during the construction have been lifted. If you make the 13-mile trek into the valley, know that the chalet—which has been used by turns as a mountain retreat by weary hikers and horseback riders, an Aircraft Warning Station during World War II and an emergency shelter and ranger station—remains closed to visitors for now.

About the move

Olympic National Park engaged contractor Monroe House Moving of Sequim, who used hydraulic jacks to push the structure 100 feet along steel beams and away from the eroding river bank.

Once the move was complete, the building was lowered onto cribbing towers and secured. A planning and environmental analysis process will begin within the next year to determine the final disposition of the building.

Timelapse video of the move

(The chalet starts moving at 29 seconds.)

See more photos and footage of the Enchanted Valley Chalet in Olympic National Park on Flickr.