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We Need Some Wheels

Posted by Lauren Braden at May 03, 2011 03:15 PM |

Do you have a vehicle to donate to WTA's Trail Maintenance program?

As we've been preparing for our summer season of much-needed trail work, from the Salmo-Priest Wilderness to Snoquera Falls, we discovered one important item left on our to-do list.Mike O Elizabeth car tools 150

We need a donated vehicle to haul tools to the trailheads for volunteer work parties. 

You see, a few months ago our old Subaru wagon broke down. We attempted repairs, but it was too late. It is time to find ourselves another trusty roadster.

Do you have a vehicle to donate? Can you help?

Maybe you have a vehicle you were considering donating to a worthy cause. Perhaps you are about to upgrade to a new car and were going to trade in your old one, but might prefer the tax deduction for your car's full value. Whatever your situation, if you are able to donate your vehicle to WTA, we assure you we will put it to excellent use. Just have a look at our 2011 Signature Projects and you will get a sense for the impact your vehicle donation will help us achieve!

WTA's donated vehicle wish list:

  • Mechanically sound
  • Five feet or more of room for tools and equipment
  • Space for 4+ passengers
  • Four-wheel or All-wheel drive (front wheel drive would be a less desired option)
  • Good ground clearance (6"+)
  • Good gas mileage


  • Subaru Outback, Legacy or Forester station wagon
  • Chevy Blazer
  • Toyota Rav 4
  • Small Pickup Truck

All of us at WTA will be eternally grateful for your vehicle donation. In fact, WTA has always depended on generous donations from our supporters in order to keep our trail maintenance program rolling.

Please contact us if you have a vehicle you would like us to consider.  Call Alan Carter Mortimer at (206) 327-1897, or email him at