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Wedding Ring Found - Four Months Later

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Jan 19, 2012 11:40 AM |
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In one of the best lost and found stories of the year, a 12-year old boy finds a wedding ring lost four months before at Wallace Falls and reunites it with its owner on Christmas Eve.

Have you ever lost something while out hiking? A pair of sunglasses. A pocket knife. Perhaps your trekking poles.

How about your wedding ring?

A wedding ring is just what Matt Alderman lost on a hike to Wallace Falls back in August. It slipped right off his finger, and by the time he noticed it was missing, he didn't know where he'd lost it. Back from his hike, Matt posted a Trip Report and asked other hikers to look out for it.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months even passed. And then one day in early December, Trever Olsen was out hiking with his family. The kids romped down ahead of Trever and his wife, Kimberly, and were told to wait on benches for them to catch up. "During one of these stops, my stepson, Skylar, noticed something on the ground and picked it up. It was a platinum and gold men's wedding band."

Back at home, Kimberly googled "Wallace Falls wedding ring" and came up with Matt's Trip Report on the WTA website. When posting a comment didn't get a response, Trever emailed WTA on December 23rd and we connected the two.

"OH MY GOSH!!! I am shaking at the thought it was found," was Matt's response when I emailed him.

It was Matt's ring. The inscription inside matched his wedding date. Matt and his family stopped by Trever's house on Christmas Eve. Matt's wife had no idea why they were there until Skylar started his story, "About three weeks ago, we went hiking at Wallace Falls..."

The story poured out. "We were all amazed that after almost four months it was still there. Through all the rain, wind, sun, and foot traffic, it was found by a 12-year old boy on a dark and overcast day as he just happened to sit down and wait for his parents to catch up," Trevor told me.

I don't know about any of you, but this story just warmed my heart right before the holidays. It took a bit of luck, a boy who wanted to do the right thing because "someone probably misses it," and online technology to reunite a grateful hiker with his wedding ring.

Thank you Matt, Trever, Kimberly and Skylar for sharing your story with us!