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WTA and PSE: A Powerful Partnership

Posted by Grady Olson at Aug 30, 2018 03:00 PM |
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WTA and Puget Sound Energy are powerful partners in 2018 as both are committed to the health of our environment and of our communities.

Washingtonians love to hike, and more people are out on trail every day. As more people continue to explore our trails and public lands, it takes a lot of work to keep those trails in shape.

Fortunately, WTA has the help, both financially and through volunteering, from Puget Sound Energy this year. WTA is a recipient of a grant from PSE through their Powerful Partnership program this year. Their financial contribution goes to help keep our trail programs efforts going on trails all around the state. Wanting to see where their money is going, a group of PSE employees decided to get their hands dirty.

The safety talk before the Lookout Mountain work party. Photo by Scott Harder

A group of PSE employees joined WTA for a day of trail work at Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve. WTA is helping to build roughly 6 miles of new trail on this recently expanded forest preserve that will help enhance the local trail system in and near Bellingham.

Carrying tools, lunches and big smiles, the crew hiked 1.5 miles to the worksite. One group worked a roughly quarter-mile section putting in the finishing touches on a roughed in trail, creating the backslope and effective drainages so that water won’t pool up on the trail. (A lot of good trail work is about preventing erosion.) They also replanted ferns along the trail to help nature grow back in.

Giving back on trail. Photo by Scott Harder

Photo by Scott Harder

Demonstrating outstanding teamwork, the other group worked with a rigging line to send dirt and rock quickly down a hill to fill in a turnpike and to “armor” the entry and exit of the structure.

Using a pulley system to haul the heavy stuff. Photo by Scott Harder

Photo by Scott Harder

Despite the work being challenging at times, the group from PSE never lost their smile or great attitude during any part of the day. Among the laughter and jokes thrown around all day, we were able to learn a little bit more about PSE and the work they do (hint: it’s not just all about sending power bills each month). PSE works hard to produce as clean an energy supply as they can, as well as give back to our community. Their hard work and determination at Lookout Mountain showcased that commitment.

WTA is very thankful to have PSE as a powerful partner this year. Together, we’re making a true difference for our trails, public lands and our communities.

Thanks for fixing up a fine stretch of trail, PSE. Photo by Scott Harder