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Amplifying Voices Across Our Community

Who is a hiker? What is a hike? Does it require a strenuous trek? We don’t think so. We believe that everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether on a short stroll or on a multi-day adventure, is a hiker. A hike is about the experience.

We want to welcome more people to call themselves a hiker and enjoy the benefits of time outside. As a bonus, when more people think of themselves as hikers, the larger our community of potential advocates, stewards and champions can be. By amplifying voices and sharing stories, we can help hikers know we all belong in the outdoors.

Do you have a story idea for how to expand the definition of a hike or hikers? Email us!

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WTA’s Emerging Leaders Program is Creating a Welcoming Space to Learn and Grow in the Outdoor Community

Charlie Lavides faced hurdles entering the outdoor industry. WTA's Emerging Leaders Program granted them an opportunity to foster and find community on Washington trails. By Charlie Lavides

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WTA Partner Profile: Y.E.T.I. Gets Kids Outside While Building Community

Feb 28, 2023

Since 2015, WTA has been collaborating with the Youth Experiential Training Institute (Y.E.T.I.), which works to make it easier for young people in South King County to get outdoors. Building community is at the heart of their work. WTA's Outdoor Leadership Training program provides gear and resources for Y.E.T.I.'s outings.Their work fits in well with our vision of Trails for Everyone, Forever, and we're so excited to see the program keep growing.

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Rue Mapp Uplifts Black Joy in the Outdoors with New Book

In her new book, Rue Mapp is telling the story of Black people that she has always known to be true — one of freedom and strength. By Jessi Loerch

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Building Onramps to Nature’s Benefits

Dec 06, 2022

Braided Seeds is helping communities of color rest and reconnect to nature. A wilderness first aid course, in partnership with WTA, has been one way to help people in their community feel safer outside.

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I Was Afraid Of the Outdoors. Now I Help Others Hit the Trails.

It was a winding road to where I'm at, and WTA helped me get here. By Tiffany Chou.

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How Friends of the Children Seattle Made 'Trail Tuesdays' a Reality, with a Little Help from WTA

Nov 16, 2022

Friends of the Children Seattle spent the summer exploring local trails and introducing youth to the fun of hiking. (And the joy of eating frozen yogurt during a hike.) WTA's Outdoor Leadership Training program helped them have a successful summer of exploration.

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