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A collection of outdoor photography related tips and resources.

Reliving a hike or backpacking trip is always more memorable when you have photos to go with the stories. These resources can help you improve your outdoor photography skills no matter what your camera budget might be. 

Our annual Northwest Exposure Photo Contest starts in August! Get tips on capturing a winning shot and get ready to enter your photos when the time comes. 

Featured Articles:

Snapshot: Hikers Helping Hikers

Apr 14, 2023

"Where" and "when" are memorable parts of any hike, but "who" and how they made you feel sticks with you forever. Doug Diekema reflects on capturing a touching moment with family while on trail. By Doug Diekema.

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Winter Photographer: How to Adjust What You Pack

Photography equipment can be fragile and expensive. Planning for a shoot during the winter months takes careful preparation. By Zyanya Alvarez

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Hiker Headlines: Thank You, Members; Camping Changes at Olympic National Park; Photo Contest Winners

Jan 05, 2023

Happy New Year! Thanks so much to our members for an incredible 2022. Washington State Parks has a new logo. The campground reservation process in Olympic National Park is changing. And, you can now check out all of our Northwest Exposure Photo Contest winners.

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2022 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Jan 03, 2023

See all the winning photographs from the 2022 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest ranging from majestic views to furry bears.

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Honorable Mention: 5 Northwest Exposure Favorites from WTA’s Photo Judges

Oct 03, 2022

We asked our photo contest judges to pick honorable mentions from last year’s contest — and explain what they love about the images.

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WTA's Photo Contest is Now Open

Aug 17, 2022

It's that time of year again! Enter your favorite hiking photos for a chance to win prizes and help tell the story of trails.

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Don’t Miss the Shot: Tips for Capturing Spontaneous Outdoor Photos

If you — and your camera — are ready, you can capture the spontaneous magic of hiking

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How to Capture the Beauty of Eastern Washington in Photos

Photo tips for from Archana Bhat, Northwest Exposure judge.

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Photography and the Future of Trails

Photography has played an important role in protecting the wild landscapes and trails so beloved by those who live in and visit Washington state.

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How to Turn Your Hiking Photos into Something Tangible

If you’re like many hikers, you probably take a few photos on your phone or digital camera and then let them sit on a memory card or hard drive. But there are other ways to create lasting memories that are fun to share and take home with you

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Tips for Deepening Your Connection to Nature Through Photography

Slow down and see the world in a new way.

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How to Photograph Beautiful Skies

These tips will help you ensure crisp colors on your skyline and prevent “blowing out” your photos.

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Change Your Perspective -- Photos Just for the Fun of It

Mar 02, 2021

Can you capture the giddy, silly feeling of hiking in a photograph? From catching a waterfall in the palm of your hand to flying over the Cascades, these photographers put the fun in our photo contest.

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Phone Cameras for the Trail: Pros and Cons

For those wrestling with whether or not a smartphone camera is sufficient to capture your hiking adventures, here are some things to consider.

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2021 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Jan 03, 2022

From bears to mountain peaks, take a look at all of the 2021 photo contest winners.

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2020 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Dec 29, 2020

See all 16 of the winning photos in this year's photo contest!

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The Art of Film Photography and Taking it Slow

Reverting back to film photography has helped me reconnect with a hobby I have always loved — and grounded me during challenging times.

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Your Daily Dose of Cute Wildlife

Aug 31, 2020

You're welcome.

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Photos We Love: WTA Staff Picks From Northwest Exposure Contest

Aug 24, 2020

See some staff favorite photos from recent years — and get inspired to enter your own photos.

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How to Photograph Kids on Trail

Kids move fast and capturing photos of them on trail can be tricky. But it’s worth the effort for photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Macro Photography Tips: Small Wonders on Neighborhood Strolls

Apr 10, 2020

Get tips to snap your very own macro photography shots of plants, flowers, or anything else that catches your eye!

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How to Photograph Birds

Birds are one type of wildlife you can almost always find close to home. That can make it easier to practice photographing these challenging but rewarding subjects. Here are some tips to get you started.

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How to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

Phone photography has come a long way in the last handful of years, with manufacturers and app developers creating a number of ways for photographers to take control of their images. In the early days of phone photography, you were lucky if you had any options beyond just snapping the photo, but now most phones come standard with a fairly robust camera and controls that allow you to get the most out of your photos.

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2019 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest Winners

Dec 13, 2019

Take a look at the winning images from WTA's 2019 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest.

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How to Photograph Hidden Landscapes

It’s important to remember that focusing our gaze a little closer yields a world that often goes unseen. It’s easy to overlook the mini-landscapes and hidden features right in front of us.

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Story Behind the Photo: Little Gem, Close Look

Oct 11, 2019

Every year, WTA invites photographers to share their favorite photos for our annual contest. Photographer Cathy Clark shared this up-close butterfly shot during last year's contest.

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How to Tell a Story With Your Photos

Good storytellers don’t just randomly tell a tale, however. The narrative they share is carefully constructed and artfully told.

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How to Keep a Clean Camera on Trail

How to protect your camera from dust and moisture for sharper photos.

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How to Take Time for Photography

A photograph is a thin slice of time. It captures a moment of our lives. It documents a landscape at one discrete point in history. To capture those moments well requires we take time to optimize each composition and to practice and improve our craft.

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12 Honorable Mentions From Our Photo Contest

Feb 05, 2019

Some of our favorite photos from the thousands shared with us last year.

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