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Then and Now: A Look Back at WTA's History

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Feb 04, 2016 02:10 PM |
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It's our golden anniversary, celebrating 50 years of WTA. Throughout the year, we'll look back in time to our humble beginnings.

Over the last half-century, a lot has changed in Washington. New trails have been built, more hikers are experiencing the outdoors than ever before, and Washington Trails Association has grown to tackle the challenges facing hiking and outdoor recreation. Over the course of our 50th anniversary year, we'll be marking what has changed and what endures in Washington's hiking community and here at WTA.

Buckle up, we're taking a ride in the time machine!

The Signpost in 1966 & Washington Trails magazine in 2016

Then and Now WTA Magazine
A look at the very first Signpost issue (left) from July 14, 1966 and the Jan+Feb 2016 issue of the Washington Trails magazine (right).

As some hikers may know, WTA had its humble beginnings as The Signpost, a newsletter for hikers and backpackers established in 1966. The original issues were created with the help of a hand-cranked printing press, and featured trip reports, advocacy concerns, food tips, gear how-to's and more.

Over the years, The Signpost grew from a community bulletin board into the Washington Trails Association you know today. As we look forward to future years, we hope that the modern Washington Trails magazine, the information you find on our website, our Trailblazer mobile app, and other resources continue to inspire you to help us protect Washington's trails and outdoor experiences.

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