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Three Cheers for First-Time Trip Reporters! 🙌

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Sep 14, 2022 11:58 AM |
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Trip reporters are a big part of what makes the Washington hiking community so special. Here's some of our favorite recent trip reports.

We've got it pretty good in Washington. Not only are we surrounded by some of the most breathtaking trails in the country, our hiking community is pretty great, too. Since WTA went digital in 1996, hikers have filed over 219,000 trip reports documenting the latest trail and road conditions. This on-the-ground intel helps other hikers plan their own safe and memorable adventures.

Trip reports make such a big difference — and as we move closer to fall and the temps drop, up-to-date reports will be even more critical. We're so thankful for everyone who has written a report and wanted to give a special shout-out to the many first-time trip reporters we've heard from this past summer. Take a peek at some of our favorite first-time trip reports from the last few weeks and maybe find some inspiration on where to go next:

A view from a saddle over to Mount Shuksan.
A bit of smoke on the horizon. Photo by mEUKG8ezpBK.

Despite some hazy skies, trip reporter mEUKG8ezpBK made it out to Chain Lakes in the North Cascades. They still found some great views of nearby Mount Shuksan and Bagley and Hayes lakes.

A rocky dirt trail heads slightly uphill through a forest.
Classic Issaquah Alps views along Poo Poo Point. Photo by latenightgator.

Trip reporter latenightgator soaked up the views of Mount Rainier and the nearby paragliders from atop Poo Poo Point. They noted the steady incline throughout, but the shade provides a nice reprieve.

A hikes heads uphill on rocky trail up to a peak.
Rocky trail up to the peak. Photo by S Porter.

During a multi-night trip to the Olympics, trip reporter S Porter took a side trip up to Buckhorn Mountain to enjoy a high vantage point. The route can be challenging, navigating some loose rock and exposed sections, but the views are beautiful.

A clear blue lake below a rocky basin.
Clear waters at Rachel Lake. Photo by Kate28.

Kate28 found some rare solitude at Rachel Lake by opting for a Sunday night backpacking trip. The late August weather turned out to be perfect for taking a dip and avoiding the notorious biting flies.

A butterfly rests on a flower alongside the trail.
A butterfly alongside the trail. Photo by Sara H.

Chipmunks and ravens and grosbeak — oh my! Trip reporter Sara H. took the dusty trail down Mount Spokane State Park to enjoy some wildlife sightings.

A series of trees down over a trail.
A stretch of blowdowns (fallen trees) along the West Fork Pasayten. Photo by DeluxMC.

Trip reporter DeluxeMC ventured out to the West Fork Pasayten River as a part of a trail crew with our friends at the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. The trail was rough (really, really rough) but despite a few hundred fallen trees they were able to make it to their worksite.

File your own!

Want to start trip reporting but aren't sure what to include? Here are a few things we find helpful in a report: 

  • A photo
  • A description of what the trail was like  
  • Something you wish you'd known before you hit the trail.

As a thank you to new trip reporters, we're giving away free stickers! Write your first trip report by Sept. 30, 2022, and include the #FirstTripReport tag and we'll mail you a trip reporter sticker!


MeLuckyTarns on Three Cheers for First-Time Trip Reporters! 🙌

Some good material from the first-time reporters!
\m/(-_-)\m/ I have to ask though... can I have a trip reporter sticker too? I just wrote my 76th trip report but we can pretend it's the first one if it gets me a cool sticker!

Posted by:

MeLuckyTarns on Sep 15, 2022 06:36 PM

Washington Trails Association on Three Cheers for First-Time Trip Reporters! 🙌

@MeLuckyTarns - We'd be happy to mail you one! Could you reach out to to let us know the address you'd like it sent to?

Folks who have written 3+ trip reports this year will also be getting a small thank-you treat soon 🙂

Posted by:

Washington Trails Association on Sep 22, 2022 01:48 PM