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What's Your Hiking Love Language?

Posted by Anna Roth at Feb 11, 2022 07:00 AM |
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How do you show your special someone you care about them (on trail)?

If you've been on a dating app in Washington in the last few years, you know that everyone in this state is super into hiking and they want you to know about it. They also want you to know their love language.

So how do you impress that rad climber chick you swiped right on when the time comes (inevitably) for you to go on a hike together? You gotta know how to speak your companion's hiking love language. Been with someone a while but new to the idea of love languages? You might want to give this a read, too.

Receiving Gifts

No, don't just go buy them a new backpack. Even if you've been dating a while, getting a gift like a pack or boots can be a gamble. Instead, get to know their hiking style and see what's missing from their kit. Is there something they want but won't buy for themselves? Or maybe there's a piece of gear that's perfect for them they don't know about.

The key here is to be thoughtful about what they need, not what you want to give them.

Two hikers pose in the forest with toilet paper and an avocado. The woman holding the avocado is kissing it, the one holding the toilet paper looks very serious.
If you're hiking the PCT, what you need can be as simple as more toilet paper and an avocado. Photo by Nishi Sharma.

Words of Affirmation

If you picked a grinder of a hike for your first date, help your new boo up the hill with a "You're doing great!" or distract them from the grade by complimenting their gear "I've been admiring your pack, what do you like about it?" Did they pick where you're hiking? Compliment their taste in trails or say you love the scenery. (Too steep for your taste? Use our Hiking Guide filters to find something more your speed next time).

A few sweet nothings at the destination can't hurt either. Photo by Sherman McCormick.

Acts of Service

It's remarkable what a little helping hand can mean to anyone. In hiker-land, something like filling up the gas tank the night before so you don't have to stop in the morning is a good one. If you carpooled, taking out the car trash from snacks is also a good move. So is surprising your hiking partner with their favorite snack at the summit, or even picking the hike. Decision fatigue is real. Sometimes making the choice is all the act of service someone needs.

Yummm, summit snacks. Photo by Ryley Haveman.

Quality Time

While we fully endorse knowing where you are on a trail at all times, if your date loves quality time, you're gonna need  to stop checking that mapping app every 10 feet.

Stick your phone in your pocket (bonus points if you put it in your backpack, where you can't get it out easily) and have a chat! Your date may not need to go hiking every weekend, but when you do go out together, make it count by not being too into tracking your biometrics.

mount rainier_Michael eppley.jpg
Besides, with views like this, do you really want to be looking at your phone anyway? Photo by Michael Eppley.

Physical Touch

This person feels loved through physical affection. Granted, that might be a little hard to swing on a hike (though we've got some suggestions for trails where you can saunter side-by-side holding hands).

If you prefer your trail a little narrower and gnarlier, you could give your date a massage at the end of the day to relieve sore muscles. Just be sure they're cool with it first. Consent's important.

Two hikers walk side by side holding hands on a foggy day at Hurricane Ridge
Even if the views aren't great, a hike with your sweetheart is a lovely way to spend the day. Photo by Kayla Boyes.


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Ariana3 on Feb 11, 2022 01:11 PM

Beohmer on What's Your Hiking Love Language?

Always appreciated the Love Languages concept, what a great and creative application. 'Love' it! :D

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Beohmer on Feb 11, 2022 05:04 PM

Ups n Downs on What's Your Hiking Love Language?

Success in marriage means finding compromise. If I want my wife to hike with me I have to pick something that appeals to her comfort level yet satisfies my desire to immerse in nature. WTA is a great resource to find these type of hikes. Also, whenever I do my own hikes, I always find a 'heart' be it moss,rock, clouds, etcetera, and include a picture in my Facebook albums to let her know I'm thinking of her. :-)

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Ups n Downs on Feb 13, 2022 02:54 PM