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Building Partnerships on Lost Trails

To maximize the impact of our Lost Trails Found campaign, WTA is working to bring together public land agencies and trail organizations from across the state to identify, fund and execute trail maintenance priorities in Washington's beautiful backcountry. Through collaboration, we can pool our collective resources and expertise into building a sustainable backcountry trail system.

Breaking Ground on Independence Pass

Oct 05, 2021

For just over a decade, sections of the Independence Pass trail have been lost to treacherous washouts that prevent hikers from travelling its full length. Now, WTA and partners are working to bring it back.

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How Powerful Partnerships Help WTA Build a Better Future for Trails

Aug 13, 2020

WTA has been bringing people together for years. By building connections, finding middle ground and creating shared goals, we are moving toward our vision of trails for everyone, forever. Here are a few recent examples of how, when we come together, we can do more for trails and the hiking community.

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Lost Trails Youth Crew Spends Five Weeks in the Pasayten Wilderness

Sep 23, 2019

Our Lost Trails Youth Crew made big impacts (and big memories) this summer as they improved trails in the remote Pasayten Wilderness.

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Recovering the Pasayten: A Coordinated Effort

Sep 10, 2019

There's a whole lot of work to be done in the great Pasayten Wilderness — which is why we couldn't be happier to tackle it together with these fellow nonprofits.

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Clearing a Path to Angry Mountain

With the support of the hiking community, we're saving backcountry trails like Angry Mountain from falling off the map. | by Rachel Wendling

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Lost Trails Youth Corps: Tackling Backcountry Trails with Teamwork

Jun 12, 2019

This June, an all-star crew of 10 hardworking teens will embark on a 5-week long trail maintenance and leadership development journey thanks to the continuation of our partnership with the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC).

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Major Gains for Lost Trails Around the State

Dec 26, 2018

This year, more than 500 volunteers devoted nearly 15,000 hours of work to saving lost trails across the state. Follow along for a look back at everything we've been up to in our Lost Trails Found campaign.

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Talking Trails on Glacier Peak Wilderness: Meet the Woman in Charge

Sep 12, 2018

The Glacier Peak Wilderness—a priority area in our Lost Trails Found campaign—is beautiful, remote and captivating. We talk about this incredible area, and the work needed to save trails threatened by budget cuts with Bridget Wisniewski of the Darrington Ranger District.

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Teaming Up with Northwest Youth Corps Up in the Pasayten

Jul 23, 2018

Thanks to WTA supporters and new partnerships, a Lost Trails Youth Corps crew will spend five weeks fixing hard-to-reach sections of trail in the Pasayten Wilderness.

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