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Wonderland Trail - Mowich to Longmire

Mount Rainier Area > NW - Carbon River/Mowich
46.9327, -121.8634 Map & Directions
34.0 miles, one-way
Elevation Gain
10,521 feet
Highest Point
6,000 feet
Calculated Difficulty About Calculated Difficulty

Mowich Lake Road is closed for the season

A ranger cabin nestled in trees with the mountain in the background. Photo by Joey Smith. Full-size image
  • Ridges/passes
  • Wildlife
  • Dogs not allowed
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Wildflowers/Meadows
  • Mountain views
  • Established campsites
  • Waterfalls
  • Old growth
  • Fall foliage

A section of the Wonderland Trail. It is a strenuous hike with ample elevation gain and loss through lowland forests, valleys, into high alpine and sub-alpine areas. You move through forests with moss and ferns, wildflower-filled rolling meadows, and along hillsides covered in beargrass and thick with huckleberry bushes. Continue reading

4.00 out of 5

Hiking Wonderland Trail - Mowich to Longmire

The trail from Mowich to Longmire along the Wonderland Trail is an enchanting hike. While the Wonderland trail  encircles all of Mount Rainier, you can enjoy a shorter time on trail with this shorter section.

Even so, it is a strenuous hike with ample elevation gain and loss through lowland forests, valleys, into high alpine and sub-alpine areas. You move through forests with moss and ferns, wildflower-filled rolling meadows, and along hillsides covered in beargrass and thick with huckleberry bushes.

Hikers will amble along on soft pine needle-blanketed dirt, over roots and rock, up staircases built from logs and cross bridges over creeks, rivers and streams. The forest along the way teems with wildlife. Look for bear, deer, marmots, pika, elk, and of course birds. 

The route begins at Mowich Lake at the trailhead labeled for Spray Park. Enter the woods behind the Mowich campground and go downhill for a quarter-mile to a junction directing you left to Spray Park and right for the Wonderland Trail. 

Stay right here. You will continue to descend through the forest over roots and dirt, with the sound of Carter Creek.  A mile from the junction, the trail begins a steeper decline for the next half mile, leading you over foot bridges and a narrow trail. Three miles in, you will reach the Paul Peak trail junction to your right.

Continue the Wonderland trail to the left, following the trail down to the North Mowich River at 3.5 miles from the trail head. A log bridge here crosses the swift water of the river. Be cautious. You may have better luck if you try to cross early in the morning, as water rises as the day progresses. 

A half mile past the North Mowich River, you will arrive at the South Mowich River. Similar to the previous crossing, try to hit this early in the day. Check park information before your hike for up to date information.

Shortly after the South Mowich river crossing, switchbacks quickly guide you uphill. 8.5 miles in, you will reach Golden Lakes, the largest lake to your right. Here, the trail is lined with huckleberries and beargrass, open meadows and a series of small lakes. Be bear aware as you feast on berries; on a hot summer day, the trail smells like hot huckleberry pie.

9 miles in, a short side trail to the right leads you to the Golden Lakes camp and a historic patrol cabin.

Another two miles past the junction to Golden Lakes, you will enter a 1930s Era Fire Burn Zone.  A silver forest with a blanket of huckleberry bushes, bear grass and small trees.  Views of Mount Rainier are seen as you continue as you wind through on a dirt path.

Another 2.5 miles ahead, cross the North Puyallup River and a junction with the North Puyallup Trail. You will continue forward on the Wonderland Trail and begin the climb with sweeping views of the North Puyallup river and the headwalls at the end of the former Westside Road. 

Continue on to climb the steepest section of trail on the Wonderland Trail for over two miles up with glimpses of Mount Rainier, Aurora Park and on to Aurora Lake at Klapatche Ridge on your left and the junction for St. Andrews Creek Trail on your right.  This junction is 16.5 miles from your start at Mowich lake.

Less than a mile after Aurora Lake, you will reach St. Andrews Lake on your left and Saint Andrews Creek and shortly after the lake, you will come to a meadow bursting with wildflowers.  This is Saint Andrews Park. 

Continue your hike another mile and half to the South Puyallup River. Once you cross this river, the trail junctions to to left and right.  A left turn will continue along the Wonderland Trail. A right turn is the South Puyallup Trail. If you have time or just need a privy, a side trip into the South Puyallup camp to the privy in the woods will take you past andesite columns known as “the Colonnades” a fascinating geological formation.

Climbing uphill again, you will climb to the top of Emerald Ridge, an open hillside of grass, wildflowers and speckled with rocks. Watch for deer, marmots and bears. Pause for a moment and enjoy the view of Mount Rainier and the glacier that feeds the South Puyallup River below.

As you descend off Emerald Ridge, the landscape changes to a rocky terrain and you will pass the junction for Tahoma Creek Trail on your right and cross Tahoma Creek over a suspension bridge. The 150 foot long, 200 foot high suspension bridge crosses above the Tahoma Creek below. Just over a mile past Tahoma Creek, a side trail for Mirror Lakes to your left is an unmaintained trail with small lakes that reflect views of Mount Rainier. This area is known as Indian Henry's Hunting Ground. Not far past this junction, look to your left as you pass by Indian Henry’s Patrol Cabin.  This Patrol Cabin is the oldest patrol cabin in the park, built in 1915. Shortly after, a trail to the right leading to the Kautz Creek Trail.

Just over half mile from Kautz Creek Trail junction, Squaw Lake may be seen on the left. Late in the season, this lake may be dry. Devil’s Dream camp sits tucked in the trees just beyond Squaw Lake. Two miles after Squaw Lake, you will descend switchbacks  and arrive at Pyramid Creek - another glacier fed river with a half log bridge crossing. Shortly after, reach Pyramid Creek Camp on the left. 

In 0.3 miles you will cross Kautz Creek. Some seasons, this Creek is dry. Other seasons there may be water. Two miles after Kautz Creek crossing, you will come to a junction for Rampart Ridge Trail to your right and 0.2 miles after Rampart Ridge, a junction for Comet Falls and Van Trump Trail to the left. 

Continue another 1.2 miles where the trail meets up with the Longmire Paradise Road. Watch for traffic as you cross the road and continue on the Wonderland Trail just across the road. After a short walk through the woods, a junction to continue on the Wonderland trail is signed to the left and the trail to Longmire is to the right. In just a short distance, you arrive at Longmire.

Hike Description Written by
Angie Regensburg, WTA Correspondent

Wonderland Trail - Mowich to Longmire

Map & Directions

Co-ordinates: 46.9327, -121.8634 Open in Google Maps

Before You Go

Mowich Lake Road is closed for the season

See weather forecast

WTA Pro Tip: Save a copy of our directions before you leave! App-based driving directions aren't always accurate and data connections may be unreliable as you drive to the trailhead.

Getting There

From exit 127, drive Highway 512  east toward Puyallup, keep right at the fork and follow signs for WA-512 E toward Puyallup.

Take the WA-167 North exit toward WA-410 East / Seattle/Yakima.  Use the right 2 lanes to take the WA-410 East exit toward Sumner/Yakima. In 11 miles, turn right onto Mundy Loss Road, and in another 1.2 miles, turn left onto WA-162 East.

Continue 25 miles, keep right and in 100 feet, arrive at the Mowich Lake parking area and Campground.  The trail starts just past the bathrooms on the right.

Please note that there is ample parking in the lot and along the road, however this is a busy area and often fills up quickly.  There is a bathroom, trash cans and food lockers for food at the campground. Mowich Lake parking lot is used for a few hikes in the area including Tolmie lookout and Spray Park. The campground at Mowich is used both by walk up car camping as well as Wonderland Permit campers.

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Mount Rainier Area > NW - Carbon River/Mowich

Mount Rainier National Park

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Wonderland Trail - Mowich to Longmire

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