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Get to Know the Noble Puncheon

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Mar 27, 2019 02:42 PM |

Have you ever wondered what those little bridges are that keep your toes dry and happy on trail? Well, meet the puncheon.

Late last November, WTA partnered with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to complete a new puncheon on the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. Volunteers worked for 6 days to complete a 50-foot structure on The Middle Fork Connector Trail.

The structure is near the trailhead, which made it convenient to use as training. The volunteers were able to focus on the skills necessary to make them even more effective stewards of Washington’s hiking trails. They practiced backcountry carpentry skills and increased their familiarity with specialized construction tools.

John MacKenzie, Rick Zitzmann, Bob Adler and Craig Jackson put the finishing touches on a puncheon project, which was used to train volunteers how to build the key trail structure. Photo by Rick Zitzmann.

Puncheons are well-suited for the Middle Fork Connector, since they span wet areas that can be subject to seasonal mud and drainage issues, and allow trail users to cross these obstacles on a durable surface. Otherwise, hikers may destroy surrounding vegetation to avoid the mud.

The structure WTA completed for the training had to be extra durable to contend with added wear and weight from horse travel. When complete, the Middle Fork Connector will use about five of these structures to give users a wonderful glimpse of the forest surrounding the wild Taylor River while connecting to the new Garfield Ledges Trail.

To see some puncheons that WTA has built, check out one of these trails (and then write a trip report about your experience!):

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Paris Doll on Get to Know the Noble Puncheon

Thank you so much for taking equestrian into consideration when building this! We have taken horses and mules over it and it’s solid!

Posted by:

Paris Doll on Apr 03, 2019 07:57 AM