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Trip Report Roundup: Shifting from Winter to Spring

Posted by tiffanyc at Apr 19, 2022 04:43 PM |

As we leave winter behind and continue deeper into spring, we dug into the trail conditions highlighted in recent trip reports.

The transition from winter to spring isn't usually instantaneous, and we're currently sitting in prime winter-spring hybrid season. During this time of the year, trail conditions can change quickly, so writing a trip report after your hike is extra helpful right now in keeping other hikers safe and informed!

Here are some of our recent favorite trip reports showcasing both signature winter and spring nature scenes.

Greenwater and Echo Lakes

A view of a snowy trail with a few sets of footprints imprinted in it.
A thick layer of snow on Greenwater Trail. Photo by Heather Rutledge.

Hiker Heather Rutledge found a pure winter hike on Friday, with snow blanketing the entire Greenwater and Echo Lakes Trail. Although trail conditions didn't allow them to finish the entire trail, it was a lovely quiet hike, with many hikers likely deterred by the snow.

Lewis River Falls

A wide waterfall cascades down into a pool below.
View of Lewis River Falls on a clear day. Photo by Yeti.

Yeti had a great time taking the family and puppy out on a hike to Lewis River Falls on Friday. It was both a winter and spring hike, with the trail covered in snow in some places and flanked by blossoming flowers in others, with a beautiful view of the falls at the end.

YOst Park

A view of an open journal with a colorful drawing of a skunk cabbage on one page.
Watercolor art of skunk cabbage inspired by a hike on Shell Creek Trail in Yost Park. Photo by shelbypothier.

With a goal to find some skunk cabbage, shelbypothier visited Yost Park to hike down the Shell Creek Trail. Not only did they find skunk cabbage, but a lot of other wildflowers as well. During their hike, they did some wonderful watercolor art of the skunk cabbage, shared in their trip report.

Tieton River Nature Trail

Two hikers take a break on the side of the trail. Patches of snow and pines surround them.
Lunch above the Tieton River. Photo by David Hagen.

On Saturday, mytho-man headed to Tieton River Nature Trail and encountered light snow alongside an abundance of wildflowers (buttercups, gold star, butterfly bearing desert parsley, among other flora) beginning to emerge. It was a quiet hike, with few hikers out on trail.

Kubota Gardens

A close up of blooming flowers on a bush.
Blossoming flowers at Kubota Gardens. Photo by ZhuckYu.

Flowers were in full bloom everywhere when ZhuckYu visited Kubota Gardens on Sunday, a great place to bask in nature without leaving Seattle city limits. They advise picking up a self-guided tour leaflet at the entrance as a helpful supplement to your hike.

Griffiths-Priday State Park - Copalis River Spit

Looking down along a sandy beach with waves to the right and bluffs to the left.
Molted crab shells along the beach at Griffiths-Priday State Park. Photo by hikingwithlittledogs.

Sunday was a terrific day to head to the beach, which is where hikingwithlittledogs went. They saw what seemed like a large number of dead crabs on the beach. Hiker Birb recognized them as molted crab shells in the trip report. Be sure to check out the beach soon if you're interested in seeing the molts in person.

EbeY'S Landing

The view from a narrow dirt trail from a bluff above the Puget Sound. Sparkling waters and beach are far below.
Wildflowers blooming along the trail at Ebey's Landing. Photo by rbs13.

It was perfect weather for rbs13 to hike along Ebey's Landing on Saturday. They saw some spring wildflowers starting to pop up. This is a great hike if you're looking to hike up high on a bluff and down low on the beach next to the water.

West Elwha & Olympic Hot Springs

A steaming pool of clear water overlooks a wet forest. A few snowflakes are sprinkling down.
Hot springs with a light snowfall at Olympic Hot Springs. Photo by Rachel Wendling.

WTA's staff loves going outside! Rachel Wendling and Anna Roth from the communications team went on a weekend backpacking trip from West Elwha trailhead to Olympic Hot Springs. Unsurprisingly, the rainforest provided a wet hike with plenty of greenery around. There wasn't much snow on the ground, but a snowstorm added a wintry element to the trip. 

Seward Park

A young hiker hugs the trunk of a large evergreen tree.
Having fun climbing trees at Seward Park. Photo by Loren Drummond.

Loren Drummond, WTA's senior digital strategy manager, took the family out to Seward Park on Saturday, a great option if you're looking for a nature hike without having to drive far. They spotted eagles and a woodpecker, and salmonberry bushes and trillium were beginning to bloom. 

Pack Forest - Hugo peak

Two hikers and a dog smile at the camera while standing in front of a waterfall.
Photo op in front of Middle Falls. Photo by Karen Daubert.

Former WTA executive director Karen Daubert spent Sunday hiking to Hugo Peak and Middle Falls. On the way to Middle Falls, they were able to catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier. They recommend the hike for families, and noted that the falls are really flowing!

Thanks to everyone who wrote up a trip report this past weekend! With snow melting and spring well on its way, check out our spring hike resources to plan out your hiking season.