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Snoquera Updates

Progress on WTA's work in the Snoquera Area for our Trails Rebooted work.

With camping opportunities and trails leading to beautiful views of Mount Rainier, the Snoquera area on Highway 410 was a prime candidate for WTA's Trails Rebooted work. We envision robust hiking opportunities here that expand hiker's options as they are searching for trails around Mount Rainier National Park. 

Recent fires and an ongoing landscape analysis by the Forest Service offer a ripe opportunity to think decades into the future about what recreation could look like for this region. Stay tuned for more on this developing area.

Recent Work and Investments on the Snoquera Corridor

Where We’re Needed Most: How WTA Decides Where We Work

There's a lot to consider when we decide where to work on trail around the state. By Jessi Loerch

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A Trails Rebooted Plan for a Special Area Near Mount Rainier

Aug 19, 2021

WTA is working with our partners to create new and improved opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Snoquera area, which offers an excellent area to disperse use from Mount Rainier National Park and other trails.

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One Year Later: How the Great American Outdoors Act Is Funding Trail Fixes

Aug 06, 2021

One year on from the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act, funding for stewardship and maintenance of trails has helped WTA to make great strides in our work. With four more years of GAOA funding to go, we're optimistic at what we can achieve, but we know that making trails for everyone, forever will take a lot more work.

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GAOA Provides Vital Funding for Public Lands

Mar 03, 2021

The Great American Outdoors Act was a huge win for the outdoor community. Here’s some of the ways it will help Washington.

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Meeting The Need: Investments on the Mountain Loop Highway

Feb 26, 2021

With more people discovering a love for trails, it's important to ensure the trail system can manage the increased needs. Here's how WTA is working on that goal in one part of Washington.

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How Powerful Partnerships Help WTA Build a Better Future for Trails

Aug 13, 2020

WTA has been bringing people together for years. By building connections, finding middle ground and creating shared goals, we are moving toward our vision of trails for everyone, forever. Here are a few recent examples of how, when we come together, we can do more for trails and the hiking community.

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Excited to be Back to Work on Trails Rebooted

Jul 27, 2020

WTA staff and volunteers have begun a gradual return to the field under new guidelines for COVID-19. Work parties are small affairs these days, and we still have restrictions on experience required to participate (under normal circumstances we love to welcome new volunteers on our trips!). But we're continuing to work with our agency partners to assess additional projects and an expanded schedule.

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Shaping the Future of Recreation in Snoquera

Snoquera offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation | By Christina Hickman

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Low Snow, High Peaks and Big Views: Summer's Coming to Washington

Jul 06, 2020

The long weekend inspired a lot of you to get outside. Trip reports show everything from backyard to backcountry, and a lot of you headed to some standby areas for adventure: the Mountain Loop Highway, Snoquera, and the Teanaway, part of WTA's Trails Rebooted campaign.

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Trails Rebooted

We're reimagining Washington's trail system — starting with the most beloved hiking spots across the state | by Allie Tripp

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2019 Accomplishments: How Hikers Changed Trails for the Better this Year

2019 was a year to celebrate for Washington trails. Hikers all across the state have helped WTA fix trails, advocate for funding and ensure access to the trails we all love. Thank you for helping us build a future where there are trails for everyone, forever.

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