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Trails: A Love Story

Posted by Anna Roth at Feb 12, 2015 01:50 PM |
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Hikers share all kinds of on-trail experiences with us, including various displays of affection. Whether it's showing someone they love a new trail, a surprise marriage proposal, or a farewell to faithful hiking companions, we've gathered some touching on-trail moments here to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Hikers share all kinds of on-trail experiences with us in the trip reports they post. We've heard from people who shared a special trail with someone they love, seen marriage proposals, and read a touching farewell to faithful hiking companions. Here, we've gathered some lovely on-trail moments to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Do you have a great memory from a hike with a loved one? Let us know below in the comments.

A photo shoot to remember

Last year, Jonathan Gipaya and Rhys Logan (also a winner in our 2014 photo contest) took to the trail on an ambitious project: an engagement photo shoot at Hidden Lake Lookout. The photos from the session are truly stunning, and the video of their adventure is definitely worth a watch.

Hidden Lake engagement photos Jonathan Gipaya
Photos by Jonathan Gipaya.

Night or day, Hidden Lake lookout made a stunning backdrop for the photo shoot.

>> Watch the video.

"...stop for awhile to take pictures and devote your life to someone..."

Proposal on Dirty Harry's Erin Yingling
Photo by Erin Yingling.

Erin Yingling was surprised to find a particularly beautiful rock at the viewpoint of this Dirty Harry's Balcony.

>> Read her account of the day.

"...the best weekend in the outdoors I have ever spent in my entire life."

hikers on deep lake trail out 'squatchin
Photo by Out 'Squatchin.

Trip reporter Out 'Squatchin had a gorgeous weekend in the backcountry, complete with a lively approach to the lake where he proposed.

>> Read his account of the day.

"Showing others the joy of the mountain."

janelle family collage janelle jones walker
Photos by Hikingqueen.

Avid trip reporter Hikingqueen shared her love for Washington's iconic mountain with a couple of her relatives last summer.

>> Read her trip report from the Skyline Loop Trail.

>> Read her trip report from Burroughs Mountain.

"...teaching a toddler to hike."

little girl hiking mikeonahike
Photo by MikeOnAHike.

MikeOnAHike and his wife are teaching their daughter to love nature by taking her hiking. A lot.

>> Read about the "between the legs" game (pictured above).

"...farewell to a couple old friends."

boots from walt bailey paul kriloff
Photo by Paul Kriloff.

Paul Kriloff wrote a touching farewell to his trusty boots, which had seen him through years of trekking.

>> Read the farewell here.

"A place for fairies to call home"

green lake waterfall cropped herb
Photo by Herb.

Trip reporter Herb got downright poetic when writing about Green Lake at Mount Rainier, and the photos he took are simply lovely.

>> Read his trip report.

"...a good, cleansing and healing meditation..."

boulder river falls the intuitive prospector
Photo by The Intuitive Prospector.

The Intuitive Prospector sang the praises of Boulder River, a location where he goes for healing and meditation.

>> Read more about this quiet spot here.

"The sweetest Valentine’s Day video you’ll watch this weekend"

Public Lands wedding DOI
Photo courtesy Department of the Interior.

If our community's love for trails isn't enough, check out this video from the Department of the Interior. They collected moments of love on trail from federal lands across the nation, and compiled them into a short but very sweet video.