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Meet Our Favorite Hiking Cat Trip Reporters

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Oct 29, 2020 05:52 PM |
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Move over hiking dogs — it's time for cats to take the spotlight (at least for #NationalCatDay).

In 2020, it truly feels like anything in possible ... including cats officially dethroning dogs as hiking companions.

Okay, okay, maybe we're not quite at that level yetCats are certainly not new to the hiking scene  we've seen them pop up in trip reports and on social media a handful of times over the past few years  but hiking cats (and bunnies?) do occasionally take to the trails. And seeing these furry friends in your trip reports is always a highlight of our week.

So in honor of #NationalCatDay, we thought now is as good a time as any to share some of our favorite past and present hiking cat reporters with you.

Weekly Whiskers

Discover Beach. Photo by RioFun.jpeg

Trip reporter RioFun, also known as Weekly Whiskers, is a bit of an Instagram celeb. The adventures of dynamic cat duo, Romeo and King Kieran, are not to be missed. And luckily, you have a decent chance of spotting them if you frequent Seattle-area parks.

Jean Luc Piccat

Mailbox Peak. Photo by Jean-Luc's Away Missions.jpeg

Trip reporter Jean Luc's Away Missions, documented some incredible expeditions in the words of Jean Luc Piccat himself. The intrepidus adventurer made a huge splash with their first trip report to a snowy Mailbox Peak a few years back, and we still can't get over this great photo. You can find Jean Luc living their best life on Instagram.


Garfield Ledges. Photo by Meowtains.jpeg

Trip reporter Meowtains (10/10 name) has been hitting the trail with their adorable cat Khalessi for years. Most recently, they were seen on a sunny summer trip to Garfield LedgesKhaleesi and their fellow cat companion, Scribbles, also document their outdoor adventures on the 'gram.


Salmo Priest Loop. Photo by Comma.jpeg

Trip reporter Comma has taken the concept of hiking cats to the next level... backpacking cats! This furry fellow has gone on some seriously impressive overnight trips. After treks to Glacier Peak Meadows, Necklace Valley and the Salmo-Priest Loop this summer, we're looking forward to see what comes next!


Gold Basin Mill Pond. Photo by JKlapel.jpeg

If you're new to the cat hiking scene, trip reporter JKlapel has some great inspiration in their report from the Gold Basin Mill Pond Interpretive Trail. Seek out short, empty trails that offer plenty of opportunities to meander slowly and sniff all the new smells


Umtanum. Photo by WobyGong.jpeg

Trip reporter Wobygong has been hiking with their cat since the early kitten days (seen here on a trip to Umtanum Creek Falls), and clearly that early exposure has paid off! Their cat has still been hitting the trails as an adult, even bracing the snow and cold on shoulder season hikes.

Have you ever taken your cat out on trail with you? Whether it was an afternoon trip in a local park or on an overnight in the backcountry, share your own cat adventures in a trip report.


Comma on Meet Our Favorite Hiking Cat Trip Reporters

I did not expect to see my cat Mika featured here! It's great to see other kitties hitting the trails as well. Now I feel pressure to write a trip report for every time I take her :D

Posted by:

Metalmark on Oct 30, 2020 03:06 PM

Washington Trails Association on Meet Our Favorite Hiking Cat Trip Reporters

Of course we had to feature Mika! Such an adorable cat (not to mention an impressive hiker).

Posted by:

Washington Trails Association on Nov 17, 2020 04:05 PM